Nelly Bondy - An Austrian Jew and Auschwitz survivor, speaking in 1946 (77 mins)

In 1946, the Chicago psychology professor David P. Boder recorded dozens of testimonies with Holocaust survivors in Europe, probably the first such oral histories. On 22 August 1946, Boder conducted an interview with Nelly Bondy, who had been born in Vienna around 1915. Bondy describes her deportation in 1943 to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where she later became a Kapo in the Political Department. This improved her living conditions and gave her insights into the SS extermination process; it was here that she learned about the murder of her husband. She survived the evacuation of Auschwitz in early 1945 and later escaped a death march from the Buchenwald satellite camp Taucha, staying alive by pretending to be a German refugee.

Source: Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive