Rudolf Vrba 2 - A Slovak Jew on arrivals of Jews in Auschwitz (34 mins)

Born in 1924, the Slovak Jew Rudolf Vrba (born Walter Rosenberg) was arrested in 1942 and deported to Majdanek and later Auschwitz. He escaped in April 1944. Interviewed by the French filmmaker Claude Lanzmann for the ground-breaking documentary Shoah (1985), Vrba recalls the arrival of deported Jews in Auschwitz. Vrba worked at the “ramp” and had to carry dead bodies and luggage from the trains. Vrba also explains the duties of the “Canada Commando”, which sorted the luggage.

Source: Created by Claude Lanzmann during the filming of Shoah. Used by permission of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem